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B-W Grinding Service offers the latest technology in thermal spray coatings. We have the “JP-5000″ HVOF system, the “Jet-Kote” HVOF system, the “Metco 7M & 9MC” Plasma systems, the “Tafa” electric twin wire arc system, as well as the “Norton Rokide” system. With these coating systems, we can offer a repair for just about any requirement you may have. Contact B-W Grinding for any of your coating needs. We can coat it!!


Types of Coating Equipment: 

Equipment Item Click for larger view
Tafa JP-5000 HVOF Coating Systems
Stellite Jet-Kote HVOF Coating System
Metco 7M & 9M Plasma Coating Systems
Tafa Electric Twin Wire Arc Spray Systems
Norton Rokide Coating System
Metco 6P Flamespray System
92″ x 420″ Coating Lathe
34″ x 156″ Coating Lathe
36″ x 124″ Coating Lathe
60″ Vertical Rotary Table
37″ Vertical Rotary Table
19′ x 30′ Walk-in Grit Blaster
Portable Vacuum Grit Blasting Systems
100 HP Air Compressor
75 HP Air Compressor
25 HP Air Compressor

Our coating booth measures 60 ft in length X 16 ft in width, with a height of 12 ft. We are capable of coating rotors and shafts up to 92″ swing and 420″ in length with a weight capacity of 50,000 pounds. Click on the photos above for larger views of this impressive booth.


See all of the coatings B-W has to offer!