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About Us

About B-W Grinding Service, Inc.

With approximately 85,000 sq. ft. of floor space we specialize in the manufacturing of O.E.M. replacement parts, certified master and lapping taper gauges, and repair of parts such as turbine rotors, compressor rotors, pump shafts, sleeves, compressor rods, plungers, IGT components, etc.

The policy of B-W Grinding Service, Inc. is to provide service and to produce products and equipment of the utmost quality within the industry that it serves. In keeping with this policy, B-W Grinding Service, Inc. complies with recognized industrial and international quality standards used in providing services and producing equipment for the customers it serves. International Standard ISO-9002 provides the basis for the Quality Assurance System implemented at B-W Grinding Service, Inc.

All employees of B-W Grinding Service, Inc. are ultimately responsible for the quality of B-W Grinding Service, Inc.’s services and products.